Healthy Families Act

You know that one sick child can throw your day into a tailspin. In millions of households, parents must choose between staying home and losing pay or worse, losing the job. The US has no nationally guaranteed time off—not a single day—to stay home and recover from the flu, or let your kid get over a stomach bug. When most parents are employed and most households have all parents in the work force, not having paid sick days flies in the face of common sense. It also drags on the economy. Access to paid sick days should not depend on the chance that your employer may offer it.
So far, only four states in the US and about 2 dozen municipalities have enacted an earned sick time program, basing the number of sick days available on the number of hours worked. In Congress, the Healthy Families Act has been introduced session after session, but never gets even close to passing. It would provide workers in business with at least 15 employees earn a max of 7 paid sick days per year to care for themselves or a family member and protect their jobs. Businesses with fewer than 15 workers would allow 7 unpaid sick days each year, with guaranteed job protection. Additionally, victims of domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault could use paid sick days to recover or pursue assistance related to an incident.

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