Promote High Quality Affordable Child Care

Child care is a family necessity in the 21st century, when the majority of parents are in the paid labor force. It also promotes women's employment, as mothers continue to shoulder most of the family care decision-making. However, in more than half of states, the cost of early education and child care is more than the annual tuition at a public university. Because of a lack of policy, quality varies tremendously, and child care workers are some of the poorest paid in the country. Because a person's adulthood is profoundly impacted by the brain development that occurs between birth and 3 years, public investment in child care is the most efficient economic expansion program, with a return on investment moderately estimated at 8 to 1.

The Child C.A.R.E. Act expands access to affordable, high quality care for many more children across the country by raising the amount of public funding. It would also provide funds to increase compensation for child care workers, and provide training of the infant care workforce. It is essential for our youngest citizens, as well as working parents, especially mothers, and a meaningful way to support the middle class.

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